Welcome to the PROMISE Cardiac CTA case review session. PROMISE (PROspective Multicenter Imaging Study for Evaluation of Chest Pain) is a multi-center, randomized trial of 10,000 patients with a low to intermediate likelihood for obstructive coronary artery disease (CAD) who present with symptoms suggestive of CAD and in whom a diagnostic test is required to rule CAD out/in.

To promote a high and consistent level of reporting among all participating PROMISE sites, we invite you to participate in the PROMISE Cardiac CTA Case Review session. The case review consists of 25 cases of paired cardiac CTA and invasive angiograms. Analysis of the CTA cases is conducted in STAT (Software for Teaching and Testing) which maximizes flexibility by utilizing the TeraRecon thin client platform, while providing all the functionalities of a dedicated cardiac CT workstation from your PC.

To participate as a CT Reader in the PROMISE Trial and receive your Reader ID, please complete the brief registration form.

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